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Nicole Colwell is a Business Strategist, Executive Coach and Start-Up Advisor specializing in working with ambitious entrepreneurs to build prosperous businesses by focusing on developing a strategic mindset and building a strong foundation to reach next level success.

After a successful career of 25+ years in IT strategic sales and business development along with launching several business units and new businesses,  Nicole decided to return to her entrepreneurial roots and launch a global advisory practice that provides corporate executive-level coaching and business best practices to entrepreneurs, founders and start-ups.


Additionally, Corporate Expat™ was created to support professionals transition from employee life to entrepreneur world through dedicated programs and bespoke mentorship.


Her background in business development, building new partnerships and starting up divisions within companies along with learning how to deal with extremely stressful deadlines and engagements has given Nicole a unique perspective along with best practices, tools and techniques that has molded her into a no-nonsense advisor and coach focused on your results.

Nicole is a requested speaker at corporate events, online summits and retreats. She has certifications and credentials in multiple coaching disciplines including executive, sales, mindset, NLP, leadership, business, integrative health & nutrition.

Nicole is a Fellow with the Institute of Coaching at McLean Harvard Medical School Affiliate.


Nicole resides in Texas and actively works with clients around the globe.

Entrepreneur. Executive. Founder. Corporate to Entrepreneur Transition Expert. Strategist. Mindset Coach. Advisor. Consultant. Fashionista. Global Traveler.  Wife.

Dog Mom.

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When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

                                                                              - Dr. Wayne Dyer

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