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Nicole Colwell - Media Bio
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Nicole Colwell is a business strategist and mentor who works with professionals as they transition from their day job to running their own successful business.


As the founder of a global coaching practice and creator of the programs Corporate Expat™ and Strategienne™ - she draws on an integrative business and mindset approach honed over decades of corporate and entrepreneurial experience.  Nicole launched her practice after over two decades in the IT industry at top companies such as General Electric (GE), Hewlett Packard and Avaya, working in all aspects of business development and high performance coaching.


She is known for her transformative teachings centered on strategy and building a legacy, which she offers through keynote speeches, trainings and one-to-one coaching. 


Nicole has been featured on This Is It TV Network® and has been a guest on numerous podcasts. Nicole specializes in employee to entrepreneur transition - from building the business to developing the entrepreneur mindset. 


In 2020, she was named to Brainz Magazine Global 500 List and is a regular guest, speaker and contributor for FemCity®. Nicole works with clients globally from her home in Dallas, Texas with her dog, Jagger, by her side.

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