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Corporate Expat™
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Corporate Expat™

Corporate to entrepreneur transition programs:

12-Week 1:1 Program
Mastermind Program (Waitlist)

The 1:1 Intensive Session

Corporate to Entrepreneur Transition

Are you considering leaving your corporate role to start your own business and trying to figure out how to make it happen or what to do?

Have you left the corporate world and trying to figure out what's next? or stuck in moving your business or business idea forward?

Do you have a decision that you need to make that is holding you back and need a sounding board or support to make your decision?

Or maybe you want to start working on the mindset block that is holding you back from your next level of success?

The corporate to entrepreneur transition - no matter which stage you are at in the process - has so many advantages and also the transition comes with its own unique challenges that make block you from your success.

Whatever it is that you want to work on that is holding you back, this intensive session is designed to help you focus on that one area that is holding you back and to create next steps to overcome to move forward towards your goals and your success.

The 1:1 Intensive Session includes:
  • Pre-session work including a questionnaire and work sheets to help identify and assess the challenge or issue and to start to formulate a strategy for tackling the issue during your session.

  • One 75-minute intensive 1:1 session where we deep dive into the issue or challenge leading to clarity around the situation along with a strategy that includes next steps  and an implementation plan to help you achieve your desired success.

  • One 15-minute accountability touch-point to keep you on track and to check in with your progress

  • One week of email support

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